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Fun with Fonts

We’ve been working on refreshing our product lines since we bought Carriage House Designs and among other things, that means choosing some new fonts.

A graphic I use on the facebook when I need some help. I love that shadow font…

If you’ve ever done any graphic design or even made a flyer or tried to pretty up a Word document, you’re aware that there are a lot of fonts out there in the world. A LOT of fonts. Like, a mind-bending number of fonts. SO. MANY. FONTS. Read more

It’s Different When They’re Friends

T and Homer
T and Homer

Justin and I met Homer, the little Greek mutt of my cousin Nalini & her husband Drew, when he was nothing more than a puff of fur. Our dachshund Caesar, already in his dotage but still full of piss and vinegar, thought Homer would make a good snack but Homer was rescued and survived long into the future, long enough to be loved by Nalini & Drew’s two girls, long enough to break all our hearts when it was time to say goodbye. Read more

Our New Life

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life: ran a ticket office in a closet of the Sheraton Hotel in NYC for the Kool Jazz Fest; was an agent for male models; wore a uniform at Jack in the Box; ran at the front desk at Tucson’s Hotel Congress; was in bands (although I never made enough money to actually call that a “job”); was the office manager and editor for a pet photographer; was part of the team that worked to open Rhode Island’s first state history museum, Heritage Harbor Museum (a doomed effort but I met my husband Justin Twaddell there); and most recently, was the Coordinator for the Greenfield Business Association, a great job that I loved but that was only part-time. Read more