Our New Life

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life: ran a ticket office in a closet of the Sheraton Hotel in NYC for the Kool Jazz Fest; was an agent for male models; wore a uniform at Jack in the Box; ran at the front desk at Tucson’s Hotel Congress; was in bands (although I never made enough money to actually call that a “job”); was the office manager and editor for a pet photographer; was part of the team that worked to open Rhode Island’s first state history museum, Heritage Harbor Museum (a doomed effort but I met my husband Justin Twaddell there); and most recently, was the Coordinator for the Greenfield Business Association, a great job that I loved but that was only part-time.

When I told my boss I was going to have to look for a full-time position, she asked if Justin and I would be interested in making pet memorials. That was about a year ago; on January 1 we signed the papers to buy Carriage House Design, a business in next-door Turners Falls, from Eileen Dowd and Jack Nelson who had owned the company for nearly twenty years.

Jack and Eileen and their long-time employee James taught us everything we needed to know and here we are! We still offer the same Carriage House Designs and are working to add our own designs to the mix.

I’ve had a lot of interesting jobs but this is the best one yet and, I hope, the last one!

Welcome to Minglewood Arts!